Monday, February 21, 2011

Things my 4 y/o just said after spilling her sister's orange juice all over the floor and, after being properly scolded, decided she was moving out...(A True Story)

1. "Can you get my coat?"

2. "Can you buy me a fishing pole so I can catch fish in the lake to eat?"
Answer from Mommy: "You need to get a job to buy a fishing pole. And you need to finish school to get a job".

3. "I can just hug the old trees".
In response to question from Mommy: "Who will hug you?".

4. "I need to bring some hangers to hang up my clothes in the trees".

5. "I think I will just have a sleepover at (neighbor friend)'s house".
Mommy's response: "There's nobody home so you'll have to make other arrangements".

6. "I can just use the baby monitor".
In response to Mommy's request: "You need a phone to call me when you get where you're going so I know where to forward your mail".

7. "You can open the door, because I don't know how to open the door".
In response to Mommy's question: "Do you need a key?".

8. "I was just kidding.  Can I have a snack now?  Besides, I have to go to the bathroom.  And I like our bathroom."