Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Kind of 'Top 10'...

This summer has been mad fun.  I've had a lot of opportunity to spend quality time with my girls, which means plenty of time to observe them in their 'natural environment'...

WHICH brings me to the best part of my summer observations...the things my kids have said.  I present to you the 'Top 10' quotes of the season:

#10 (as said by Youngest, when Mommy said she wasn't wearing the right shoes to run in, and didn't want to fall down) "You're not clumsy!  You look beautiful when you run!"

#9 (Youngest) "What is this game called...nut throw?" (Don't ask...)

#8 (Youngest, post sneeze) "You have a smell, Mommy.  It's called 'beautiful'.  But do we have the same snot?"

#7 (Youngest) "When we walk up to the store, can we play army, Mommy?  I can be your minion".

#6 (Youngest) "I think I'm allergic to air, and stinky stuff".

#5 (Me, to my Oldest, after she came walking in from the backyard where the sprinkler was running), "What is your sister doing?" 
(Oldest's answer), "I don't know...she's catching water with a net". (I had to excuse myself and walk out of the room to laugh...)

#4 (Youngest, in response to Oldest saying something about the game she was playing), "Oh, you want me to be dumb?  Ok. I can be dumb...duh duh duh, duh duh duh...NOW I'm dumb".

#3 (Youngest) "What's that dinosaur called again?  Oh yeah. Hypothesis".

#2 (Youngest) "I got a bug bite here...and here...and here, which is bleeding...and this.  It's a freckle!"

And my favorite, which I will more accurately set the stage for...

Walking back from the pool the other day, with Number 1 Daughter leading the way, Number 2 Daughter and I are bringing up the rear, walking hand-in-hand, enjoying the moment.  Then, the following conversation ensues:

Youngest: "Mommy, was there grass 'back then'?"
Me: "Back 'when', love?"
Youngest: "Was there grass, or was it all dirt 'back then'?"
Me: "Back 'WHEN', dolly?"
Youngest: "Were there trees even?"
Me: "Honey...I don't know 'when' you mean."
Youngest: "You know, Mommy.  1988."
Me: "Um, 1988...Mommy was in high school then.  So it really wasn't that long ago..."
Youngest: "Ok then.  Back in the EIGHTIES, Mommy.  Was there grass anywhere, or was it all dirt?"

Um...yeah...there was grass, babe.  I'm pretty sure.