Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's In A Name

It's been 'sweet mixed with chaos' this past week, having some genuine quality time with my girls.  Since they are off from school for spring break (which takes on a whole new meaning in about 12-15 years ;)) and my work schedule is relatively flexible, I have been home with them sporadically.  As this results in equal parts 'good, bad and ugly', it's been interesting.  I spend a good deal of my time in their presence observing from a safe distance.  And perhaps from a combination of refereeing and fielding copious hugs, this girl is definitely getting punchy.

Case in point:  while driving in the car a few days ago, the girls begin a discussion in the backseat about names.  My 8 year old comments that the name 'Justin' is kind of funny because it also sounds like 'just in' 'just in time', 'just in case'.  "Right, Mom?", I hear repeatedly from my seat at the wheel.  Once we get off this kick, my 4 year old chimes in, "like Justin Beaver, right Mommy?".

While the oldest tries in vain to get the youngest to say the Pop Prince's name correctly, my 15-year-old-male-sense-of-humor starts to tick off the combo...'just in beaver'...'just in beaver'...

Neither girl understood why Mommy was laughing silently with tears rolling down her cheeks.  That's in another 12-15 years too, I hope.


  1. I actually bought a birthday card for someone with a picture of 'Justin Beaver' was G-rated...just a beaver with some crazy hair. Ok, that sounds bad! See, now you have me laughing!

  2. Awesome! The hair reference clinches it. And this is why we're friends. :)